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Cloud based Payroll Software with over 30 years experience

Cloud based Payroll Software with over 30 years experience

Cloud based Payroll Software with over 30 years experience

GreatSoft Payroll Software. Cloud based HRIS software with over 30 years experience


Over the past 30 years Axia developed and evolved into a world class, cloud based employee management system. Now, in a perfectly aligned partnership with the GreatSoft Group, the combined strengths, experience and expertise of both these two well established entities positions the GreatSoft-Axia Payroll software solution to truly become a competitor on the world stage.

Axia is a comprehensive payroll and HRIS solution that is centrally hosted and simply distributed. Standard browser based access reduces the amount of system administration and therefore the cost of ownership. It can be seamlessly integrated with other systems in the enterprise, and is fully secure from both a financial management and disclosure of sensitive information perspective.

GreatSoft has spent 15 years refining and developing a software solution that solves the pain points felt by multinational accounting firms. their early adoption of both private and publicly hosted cloud options make their software uniquely flexible and they have attracted top international clients, including Moore Stephens, Grant Thornton, and Mazars. GreatSoft might be a mature business, but they maintain a youthful exuberance for change and First National Bank (FNB) named GreatSoft the 2015 Business Innovator of the Year. GreatSoft is poised to become the global Gold Standard in cloud-based practice management software for professional service providers and have attracted clients throughout the African continent, including the regional branches of major practices, such as KPMG, Deloitte, and EY.

Together we offer our clients and partners the option of either running and managing our payroll software in-house with the appropriate training and support, or choosing alternative approaches to suit your business requirements.
Our unique co-sourced service offering allows you full control over the payroll administration functions such as the input of information, while we take care of the system configuration, maintenance and operational processes.
Fully outsourcing your payroll function to us will enable you to focus on your business while expert care is taken of your entire payroll function. We ensure that employees are paid correctly and that the Basic Conditions of Employment minimums are taken care of.



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