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GreatSoft Payroll Axia appeals to both partners and customers


  • Provides an ideal platform from which to provide payroll services
  • Multi-tenanted allowing for multiple companies to be securely hosted on single instance of the system
  • White-labelled to represent your organisation’s branding
  • African and Global Payroll configurations allowing you to extend your business into markets you could never before
  • Best practise set up out the box for ease of implementation and operation
  • Flexible to provide independence when taking on new customers, operating the system, providing services to the customer
  • Flexible contracting and revenue share models – we help you grow YOUR business


  • Multiple legal, multiple tax-states, multiple pay-frequencies in a single instance of the software
  • Not vertically constrained, configured for legal, construction, retail, leisure, mining, financial services and more
  • Choice of level of outsourcing – from doing it yourself to outsourcing totally to us (if you consider payroll non-core)
  • Enhanced security
  • Compliant – legislatively, POPI etc
  • Best practise offering
  • Payroll consulting – vast knowledge base
  • Legislative adherence centrally updated for all users and  guaranteed
  • Cloud-based, ease of use, zero foot print


Outsourced Payroll

  • For companies who consider payroll an non-core business process
  • Offer outsourcing from input to payments and everything in between
  • You have access to reports and analytics
  • No license fees, no servers, no training, no specialised skills, no security or business continuity problems

Executive Payroll

  • Separated from the main payroll for confidentiality purposes
  • Can be outsourced with secure, browser based access to the data when needed
  • Can be accessed and administered from anywhere at any time

Integrated Payroll

  • Payroll interfaces with industry standard General Ledgers
  • Integrated with leading Human Capital Management and Talent Management systems
  • Access Control and Scheduling and Rostering integration
  • Partners empowered to do as much of the implementation and administration work as possible
  • Time sheet integration for accounting and engineering practises

African Payroll and Leave Management

  • Already running and established in 13 African countries
  • Offered on Software as a Service Basis – no onsite software installation required
  • Easily configured for new countries
  • Compliance and statutory consulting included
  • Multiple countries, legal entities, pay-frequency from single instance of the software

Payroll for Accounting Firms & Payroll Service Providers

  • Ideal for accounting firms offering payroll services to client base
  • Centrally hosted with multiple companies, multiple pay frequencies on a single instance of the software
  • Provider can perform all functions from take-ons to operations such as month ends, tax filing
  • Provider can adopt the standard best practises developed with all associated contracts etc (business starter pack)
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